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Spirit Amethyst Circle Concrete Planter

Spirit Amethyst Circle Concrete Planter

Concrete Circle Planter


exterior 4" x 4" x 4" including drip tray

interior 2.5" x 3" x 3"


Will come with an air plant that I intuitively pick to suit the planter, while supplies last.


I hope you love and embrace all of the unique and individual characteristics of my handmade planters! Some feature air bubbles and minor imperfections I tried to point these out in videos, others have their crystals reinforced on the inside to keep crystals in place.  



As with any porous earthenware, when used with soil or kept moist mold may develop and discoloration is a likely occurrence. Hard water is also a contributing factor in these areas. They will take on characteristics like terra-cotta.


I encourage you to use plants that require less water or 2 to 3 inch starter plants inside there grow pots. Also allow them to drip over a basin before returning to the dish.


Each comes with a drip tray and will have a drainage hole. Some in the videos may not show a drainage hole but one will be drilled before it reaches you.


* planters also make excellent pen cups to hold my crystal pens

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