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I currently accept most forms of credit as well as PayPal when purchased through the website.  Other methods are available when purchasing directly through Instagram.


Fees for jewelry and small items start at $9 and increase based on weight. These are sent USPS first class with tracking and will be automatically calculated upon checkout.

*Postal insurance is added to all online purchases.

Fees for planters are between $12 to $23 and are sent in flat rate boxes and include $100 postal insurance.

Please allow 2-3 days processing before shipping as I am the sole operator of this passion project, along with maintaining a full time job and household.

All sales are final​


This is my passion and almost all of my pieces are one of a kind. I follow my intuition and the guidance of the shape of the crystals to make versatile, aesthetic, and meaningful pieces of wearable art.


That said, please DO NOT wear any of the pieces in water or to bed. They have been tested in both and will withstand most, but you are taking your chances and lessening the life of the peace and doing so.

Please also do not expose to perfumes and oils as they can have adverse effects not only on the metal, but also some crystals.


All metals have been tested against my sensitive skin with metal allergies and haven't affected me negatively at all.


Should anything happen with my craftsmanship during everyday wear without circumstance, don't hesitate to reach out as I can repair my work.


Should something happen to the crystal, please contact Mother Earth as I cannot be held responsible for her creations.




Love your crystals!


Crystals will not only aid in your spiritual balance and journey, but can also absorb, transmute, and mirror the energy around them.


Treat them well.


In being mindful of our planet, all of my materials (aside from tape) are compostable, recyclable, and in some cases (packing peanuts) will dissolve in water. At times you may see bubble wrap in a package that has been reused from previous packaging I've received in effort to lower waste. It's not the attractive packaging that matters, but the pieces it's protecting.

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