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Prasiolite, Heliodor & Opalized Petrified Wood Drop Earrings

Prasiolite, Heliodor & Opalized Petrified Wood Drop Earrings

Prasiolite since gross, renewal, independence, due to its green color it also represents the lushness of nature and the potential for personal and spiritual transformation.


Heliodor is said to envoke the celestial golden ray of knowledge and learning, to stimulate the higher mind, and enable the brain to function more efficiently. It is said to be a stone of true nobility and selfless leadership allowing one to make decisions based on wisdom instead of emotion or reaction. It is also said to help someone develop assertiveness, self-confidence, physical and mental strength, benevolence, and power.


Opalized Petrified Wood, as a product once living material this gemstone is often viewed as a secret representation of humankind connection to the universe. Just as the stone undergoes a dramatic transformation, petrified wood encourages openness to personal transformations as well.


On surgical steel hooks.

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