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Dreamcoat Lemurian Necklace #6

Dreamcoat Lemurian Necklace #6

Dreamcoat Lemurians are a Quartz Lemurian with a secondary Super Seven growth. Super Seven combines the properties of Amethyst, Cacoxinite, Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, And Smokey Quartz.  They oh are said to be a wonderful tool for sending and receiving information across dimensions. They are said to open chakras and energetic access points for healing and transmuting lower vibrations. In particular, Lumeriams activates the crown and Soulstar chakras while super sevens bring peace and calm the nervous system, helping to relieve stress.


On 24" hypoallergenic silver plate chain that can be shortened upon request. Please leave a note as to which length you'd like it trimmed to in the comment section of the purchase. (Pictured at approximately 18")

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